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Hot Shot Chicken Parmo

With Garlic Mayo'

Chicken Breast coated in Golden Breadcrumbs, Smothered with a Smooth Bechamel Sauce, topped with Crushed Chillies, Sliced Pepperoni and Grated Cheddar Cheese.

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Chicken Parmo

Chicken Breast coated in Golden Breadcrumbs, Smothered with a Smooth Bechamel Sauce & topped grated Cheddar Cheese.

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Doner Kebab

With Chilli Sauce

Doner Kebab Meat, served in a Pitta Bread with Chilli Sauce.

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Try our amazing sauces

Try our amazing Chilli and Garlic sauces

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Jeff the Chef Foods Ltd is a family run business, solely owned by Geoff Johns.

Geoff has had over 30 years catering experience. In 2007, Geoff saw a gap in the market for the manufacture of a retail chilled chicken/pork parmo. At the time, it was only sold in restaurants and takeaways across the Teesside area. After a lot of hard work and self-belief, we now supply the Parmo and other lines in regional Asda’s, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Co-op and several independent stores.

At Jeff the Chef, we only use fresh premium ingredients, making handmade products to keep them authentic.

We are SALSA accredited.

Since launching in 2007 we have added, more products to our range the Hot Shot Parmo and more recently the Parmo Pie.

What is a Parmo?

The Parmo, is a breaded cutlet dish originating in Middlesbrough and a popular item of take-away food in the North East of England. Similar to a schnitzel, it consists of chicken in breadcrumbs topped with a white béchamel/Parmesan sauce and cheese; there are many variations, including non-chicken cutlets. The Parmo is distinct from the Italian-American dish chicken parmigiana, a briefly pan-fried then baked or broiled cutlet served with a tomato-based sauce.

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